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swah / shwah

sound of a karate chop (“Shonen Jump, Dragon Ball”, manga comic by Akira Toriyama), also: shoop, zonk


swash /sw™SH/ Verb(of water or an object in water) Move with a splashing sound. NounThe rush of seawater up the beach after …


swat /swŠt/ VerbHit or crush (something, esp. an insect) with a sharp blow from a flat object. NounSuch a sharp blow: “a …


sweep /sw_p/ VerbClean (an area) by brushing away dirt or litter. NounAn act of sweeping something with a brush. Synonymssweeping


swish /swiSH/ VerbMove with a hissing or rushing sound: “a car swished by”. NounA hissing or rustling sound: “the swish of a …


switch /swiCH/ NounA device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit. VerbChange the position, direction, or focus of. Synonymschange …


swoop /swo_op/ Verb(esp. of a bird) Move rapidly downward through the air: “the aircraft swooped in to land”. NounA swooping or snatching …


swoosh /swo_oSH/ NounThe sound produced by a sudden rush of air or liquid: “the swoosh of surf”. VerbMove with such a sound: …


swooshed past participle, past tense of swoosh VerbMove with such a sound: “swooshing down beautiful ski slopes”.